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Jerry Garcia by MadMaxMama Jerry Garcia by MadMaxMama
Acrylic on canvas. My very first commissioned work and first submission to Deviant. Please check out the full view. ANY feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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deaded Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2015
AWESOME!!! I wish I could find the words!!


And thank you!!
PainterPoole Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013  Professional
Awesome! Very Well Done.......
globomon Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2012  Student
this is amazing! i love it :) it looks like he's melting, which is perfect. haha.
Rebertha Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2011
Painting is gorgeous, with a Van Gogh touch that befits that master sunflower, Jerry. Really glad there's a new post on the page cuz Grateful Dead home-play has been at an all time high this year!
C2008R Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2010
This makes me wish I were a more accomplished painter. I am in love with your style and what a great subject!
MadMaxMama Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2010
Thank you! Have't checked Deviant in so long. Thanks.
beezwings Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2010
Hi there! It's beautiful!I was hoping I could use this digital image so I could transfer it rice paper for a friend's bday-cake? The bday cake will be eaten and not used for anything else:) I could pay the same as the 4 x 6, but I don't actually need the print....

Please let me know asap!
4ri2ch0 Featured By Owner May 10, 2009
Absolutely stunning.Not only are the colors very vibrant and brilliantly used but the flow is amazing.Very well done.
lookatallthelove Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2009
this is awesome, jerry is awesome.
RedRodent Featured By Owner May 6, 2008   Digital Artist
=D Wow... I love the color choices you made here...! That's just too cool.
SailingBreezes Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow, I really like it! I can't say I'm much of a brain for translating traditional art into digital, though; I struggle with it, too! The image site photobucket ([link]) is good for resizing images... making them smaller, anyway.
Laurazee Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2008  Professional Traditional Artist
Hey, I love it. I'm a big color fan. I know, it's hard to translate canvases into digital. Here are some of my tips, but you've done well with this one. The only suggestion I have here is to maybe crop out the frame (see #3 below) since you've got a print option available - someone might like to buy it and put their own frame on it.

Other general tips:

1. Photograph with a good digital camera in natural or very good indirect light; turn off the flash - it reflects or washes out colors.

2. Use a tripod or a stack of books or something so the camera is steady and head-on - helps reduce blurriness and distortion. Make sure the painting is flat against a wall and not leaning.

3. Try to crop the digital file and resize it to the same aspect ratio as the painting and don't include the frame, especially since you've got a print available.

You'll need basic image editing software for #3 - Photoshop is good but really overkill for cropping and resizing.

Hope that helps! I look forward to seeing more work from you, and welcome to dA!
MadMaxMama Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2008
Thank you SO much! I took your advice and cropped the frame, however, couldn't reshoot it (the original belongs to a friend who is globe trotting) and I tried to fix the perspective in Corel. I think it looks much better. Thanks again!

I Love your gallery! I heart color, too!
Laurazee Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2008  Professional Traditional Artist
I agree! It does look better! :love:
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December 7, 2007
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Canon PowerShot SD800 IS
Shutter Speed
1/13 second
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5 mm
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Aug 16, 2007, 6:35:52 AM